Core Business

Q. I am looking for an interesting and wise architect!.
Q. I look for one architect who imaginatively create a simple house for my complex demand.
Q. Architect should understand my brief, act honestly and create complete project out of it.

You will find your answers right here!

Our core business is to create imaginative spatial experiences for your brief. We would like to listen to your story and unfold the form from there, make it feasible and build it. We have extensive experiences in design projects of divers nature. We know how to 'architecture' integral design. In doing so we bring the design one step further. We believe less is more therefore aim to solve complex demands by a simple form.

We design architecture that fully satisfies the building codes and thereby deliver necessary architectural drawings, technical solutions and the design documents. Most of our project achieved high appreciation from the local welstand commissions. Our knowledge is convincing to satisfy the architectural demands set by instances and to control the balance between the proposed design quality and the costs.

Yushi Uehara is an architect who works on a wider horizon. Uehara designed numbers of internationally well-known architectural projects for architects during late 80th till mid 90’s, in the Netherlands, Berlin Germany and in Tokyo Japan. For Uehara, to design means to construct a line of concept, from a key word to architecture. Uehara sharpens this special skill by Researches and Design projects: Uehara is also commissioned to write architectural theory for internationally known publishers. These works focus on a design principle how bottom-up process can generate benefits to all participants.



Our clients:

City of Groningen,
City of Leeuwaden,
City of Almere,
City of Amsterdam Urban design office,
Urban developments corporation Zuidas,
de Zuidlanden,
City of Enschede Roombeek reconstuction company,
The Berlage Institute
Junius Publishers Berlin
Swis Life/Zwitserleven,
SIG realestates,
Gorter Projects,
Private companies
Private clients

List of collaborators till today:

Norimasa Aoyagi,
Hernando Arrazola,
Paul van Dijk,
Katrien van Dijk,
Bastiaan Gribling,
Nir Golberg,
Sören Grünert,
Yuki Hashiba,
Saskia Hermanek,
Jasper den Hertog,
Motomichi Kunugiza,
Thomas Krarup,
Julien Kummer,
WIn Key,
Jesse Lavalaye,
Domenique Lethans,
Linda Lam,
Hui-Shin Liao,
Hans Lijbers,
Marie Louise Mejlholm,
Ray Mensink,
Keisuke Ohta,
Konstantinos Pantazis,
Rowin Petersma,
Taishin Shiozaki,
Yolanda vd Sluis,
Joop Steenkamp,
Takuma Tsuji,
Ruud Visser,
Silvia Weibel,
Roderik vd Weijden,
Martin Zimmerli.