Research and Design development

Unknown Urbanity in China, Village within the City, 2005
ViC able unable Framework

Unit Professor
Berlage Institute, second year advanced research program


Village within City Phenomenon, The transformation of farming villages within fast growing Chinese urbanization

Contents Structure, History, Transformation and projective researches. Research been undertaken in Pearl River Delta, program includes resides in the area for minimum of 75 days.

295 page research report
Publication at Volume Magazine (archis) No.2 Supplement
Lecture at American Institute of Architects, NYC
10+1, architectural theory magazine No.50
Urban China, building new Chinese Village
AD, China Special
Building Review, Beijing
Exhibition at, Guangzhou Art Triennal, Istanbul Art Biennial, Venezia Architecture Biennale.

International Forum of Urbanism (IFOU) Beijijng 2006, Unknown Urbanity in China
CaiWuWei Framework

International Forum of Urbanism Beijing 2006 Report


Village within City Phenomenon as example of bottom up process of Urbanism. Urbanisation as trigger to unfold dormant economic force.

Contents Explanatiib about its phases, hidstory, mechanism on land and players.

presentation at IFOU. Publication on journals.

Urbanism Beyond Reconstruction, Architectural Response to Sendai, 2011
Urbanism Beyond Reconstruction Framework

Unit Professor
Masterclass, International Workshop at Berlage Institute 2011,

Theme Reacting to East Japan Tsunami that hit Japan on march 11 2011

Statistic Research and Presentation on Post War Japan.
8 Projects by 45 International participants to the workshop


850 pages research reports in three books
Report to Japanese instances
Appearance Paul Witteman
Financial Dagblad article

SANAA's critical functionalism, 2009
KAnazawa Framework

2005 Frankfurt Architecture Museum Symposium publication
Architeltur&Theorie, Architecture and Theory, Junius 2009
Panelist for architect Kazuyo Sejima at the symposium


Theoretical essay on White architectire of Japanese architects SANAA.Theoretical Interview to architect Kazuyo Sejima about her work, focus and future, 75 page in Japanese.

Contents Japanese architect’s firm SANAA manifest with its projects all painted in white. It called immense sympathy that pushed themselves up as one of the Pritzker Laureate. What is the secret for which not only a magazine editors but as well as the academics or other world famous architects has got convinced of their design qualities? Yushi Uehara interviewed Kazuyo Sejima over three years and reveals their secret formula to success.

Paneler partner to architect Kazuyo Sejima, Discussion at Frankfurt Architecture Museum
Publication by Junius Architektur&Theorie, production und reflexion 2009 ISBN 978-3-88506-587-6

Tokyo Melting Metropolis, Birth of botto up city Shibuya, 18 october 2013

Initiative Research Project


Mode of operation and the system of bottom up city Shibuya.Discarding 'caos' of Tokyo.The research focus on how TOkyo successfully grow into the world's No.1 Capital: Melting Actor Model: urban ators, goverment-capital-citizens.


Analyzing the history and structureof Tokyo, focused on Shibuya Area, in doing so the research aims to explain Tokyo. It illuminates unique process of Growth, mode of operation.


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