Publications, Exhibitions and Lectures

2011: De Architectuurguide Gemente Leiden Nieuw Leyden Two Houses Enschede
2011: Pauw en Witteman Blog "Ieder kind zou een diploma straling A, B of C moeten halen."
2011: Hghlights nummer 1 2011 WINNER VELUX TROPHIE Bredeschool in Techum
2011: Arch-Manual Shaken Office
2010: World Architecture News WAN award nomination
2010: A10 #33 Two Houses Enschede, p44, p45, p46 Article Hans Ibelings
2010: de Architect Bredeschool Techum
2010: CONCEPT (Korea) VOL. 134 Shaken Office, p68, p69, p70, p71
2010: Archdaily Bredeschool Techum
2010: Archdaily Bicycle Bridge at Reitdiep
2009: Architechture and Theory, Junius Verlag GmbH Critical Functionalism of SANAA
2009: Bouwwereld Bredeschool in Techum
2009: Highlights nummer 3 2009 Bredeschool in Techum
2009: Dagblad De Telegraaf Bredeschool in Techum
2009: GPTV Bredeschool Techum
2009: Leeuwarder courant Bredeschool Techum
2009: AD
2009: DEZEEN Shaken Office
2008: de architect Shaken Office in Groningen
2008: Architectuur NL #05 Double house in Enschede
2008: Leeuwarder courant Bredeschool Techum
2008: Houses, Kazumari Sakamoto Shinkenchiku-sha
2008: Bouwwereld Shaken Office Project
2008: 10+1 No.50, Jurisprudence of emerging new urbanity; village within City
2007: Istanbuhl Art Biennial, 10th 8 sept - 4 nov. Catalogue
2007: Urban China Reconstruction project for Shipai villag in Gaungzhou CN
2006: Bouwwereld Composiete Facade Project
2006: de architect Notarieskantoor Broekema Nielsen
2006: The Berlage Institute Venice Bienniale Catalugue
2006: Sarai Reader 06
2005: Guangzhou Art Triennial Catalogue
2006: Building Review november, cn, Village within the City
2005: Volume No.2 ' Urbanism of Victimes - Unknown Urbanity in China'
2003: a+u 390 March 'Looking for Architecture' architecture of Rem Koolhaas and Toyo Ito.
2003: Actor article on Mies vander Rohe Workshop, Barcelona SANAA'
2001: de Architect 'Zuidplein Underground bicycle parking and parkinggarage'
2000: a+u 370' Debris Cleaning - Shopping strategy of Rem Koolhaas/OMA'
2000: Story Book Blitz Beton Workshop July 2000
1999: 10+1 No. 16 ┌rbanism of OMA in 1990, INAX Publishing.
1999: SD 9902, Interview Rem Koolhaas and three articles, Kashima Publishing
1999: Reading, ═ntersection of Debris and Deconstruction
1998: 10+1 No.14 'Beyond Good and Bad - Detail of Rem Koolhaas.
1997: SD 'From Berlin, R. Koolhaas speaks'
1997: SD 'Where the horizon disappears - D. Libeskind'
1992: Metamorphosis, the record of the lecture at " I Centro Storici"
1990: Japan Architect ' Project for Yuppie House and Metropark.'
1988: Diskussionen und Vortraege im Rahmen der International Bauaustellung Berlin
1987: Revitalisation of Tomb Gulbaba
1990: Shinkenchiku Competition



2011: VELUX TROPHY 2011 Bredeschool Techum
1995: Mention, Bundes Praesidialamt Berlin
1990: 1st Prize, Shinkenchiku Competition Tokyo Metro-Park Project


2013: ELVIS ZAPP Urban Film Festival, New York City
2011: Amsterdam/Bruselas Codigo de Diseno MEXICO CITY Nederlandse en Belgische Ambassade
2010: BNA Twente Muenster Projets exhibition
2007: Istanbul 10th Biennial
2006: Venezia La Biennale de Architecttura
2006: Guangzhou Art Triennial
2005: D-Lab, Guangzhou



2013: Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam Japan & Cyclical Architecture
2011: Japanese Salon Japanese architecture
2006: IFOU Conference Beijing
2006: AIA New York Chapter, People's Architecture Event
2005: Guangzhou Art Triennial
2005: D-Lab, Guangzhou
2004: Fachhoogschule Liechtenstein
2002: Stichtinggras ' On De Linie Housing Project'
2000~2007: Docent at Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam
1999: Gest lecturor at NAi
1998: Guest lecturer at TU-Delft Bouwkunde " een Recent Werk"
1997: University of Karlsruhe on recent projects
1991: Guest Lecturer at University of Camerino, Italy on "Historical City Centre"
1989: Guest Lecturer at University in Gent on
1989: Guest Lecturer at TU-Delft Faculty of Architecture




Television Appearance  

2011: Pauw en Witteman Earthquake, Tsunami 11 march 2011
2009: GPTV Bredeschool Techum