Farming Architecture

Pearl River Delta Area CN

Typ project:
NAi Bio Diversity competition
Zerodegree Architecture
Date: 2011
150 ha faming area, 3 x 3000kw WInd Turbines, 10ha PV Cell.
Farming Architecture to provide food for 9 billion global population by 2050. To apply architecture as the device to improve:
1) use of water in agriculture
2) land use
3) natural and organic environment of foods cultivation by means of controlled climate.

Farming architecture stimulate local supply of food therefore sought to reduces global food traffic. It is a device to realize a self-sufficient city. Farming architecture to become the leader of new sun energy technology and the technology on harvesting fresh water from atmosphere.
It intensifies land use in the urbanized area and therefore liberate unurbanized area from pressure on agrarian land use, hence allowing land to become Human Free Zone; a wild, a resourceful place of Bio-Diversity.