The Spui Square

Het Spuiplein, Den Haag

Typ project:
Presentation to the Alderman, Mr. J. Wijsmuller.
Zerodegree Architecture
Date: 10 december 2014
New Square, Orkest, Convention, New entry for Film House & Theater aan het Spui.
Within the actual discussion that discusses the future of Spui Square, Yushi Uehara reflectively envisioned what form the forum from 21st century can take.
In this vision, Uehara discuss the Spui Square is the Spui Forum. Square can guarantee free activity because it is empty. For this Square will grant citizens to access all actual discussions, arts and debates on the city.
Spui Square in Den Haag has excellent potential to regain engagement as it find itself in the middle of architecture that contain public domain. In Amsterdam such domains are located in dispersion: Concertgebouw, conservatorium and theaters on warmoestraat.
What Spui Square deserves is Urban Floor on Eye Level.