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Office   Zorgeloosch Shaken Office Notary Office Swiss Life German house of Parliament, Berlin Bundes-praesidialamt beukenhorst Oostenburg  
Education   Bredeschool Techum Scholencomplex waterland Udo / Japan Bloemhof Beukenhorst        
Complex   U2 Landmark tower Highraise in HW junction German house of Parliament, Berlin Grolsche beer        
Culture   Almere stadstheatre Tomihiro Barenbebouw Private Library Carlow Museum Zuidplein Zuidas UG bike-parking      
    1401   1003   1003           1107-80    
    Villa Rotonda Kaleidoscope House House J Two houses Two houses De linie Urban refugee Home for All Private Library
      1418   1401   1418                      
House   House and Office Jansen Zaanse Stadswoning - Zaanse Eilanden Hooiberg kasteel - Zaanse Eilanden ZaanseHut -
Zaanse Eilanden
            1111   1432   Dublin          
Housing   Aluminium house Lelystad C.d. Hoorn Zuidporrt Delft Oostenburg The Third Large Block U2 Landmark tower    
    121280             9406   1111    
    Eemwold Estate Borneo sporenburg Grolsche beer Moscow Village in City ViC proposal German house of Parliament, Berlin Oostenburg Arena Boulevard
Urbanism   Spuiplein Spui Forum                
Public space  

Zuidplein Zuidas UG bike-parking

Arena Boulevard            
Pavilion   View tower on ecology Abn-amro Zuidas Home for All            
Bridge   ACM bridge over Reitdiep German house of Parliament, Berlin              
        0306   0405   1003 Kitchen                  
Objects   Crushed glass table Minimal beam Notary Office Fold Steel Stair Kitchen Corss Point        
Utilitarian   New whale Grolsche beer Farmimg Architecture            
      Coat Ao   Suita Kuro   1422                      
Clothing   Suits Ai Coat Ao Suits Kuro Model 619          
        0115   0911                      
Interior   Swiss Life HQ German house of Parliament, Berlin Shaken Office Zorgeloosch          
      barengebouw   0306       1111              
Renovation   German house of Parliament, Berlin Barenbebouw Notary Office Grolsche beer German house of Parliament, Berlin Oostenburg      
      barengebouw   121280                          
Landscaping   Urbanism beyond Reconstruction Tokyo Melting Metropolis Eemwold Estate